Bookstagram advice from my favourite accounts.

Hey guys! Today I am bringing you a post full of tips and advice by some of my favourite bookstagram accounts. Keep in mind that this post is 100% inspired by Eleni, who is a boookstagrammer and booktuber with lovely pics and videos. You should definetly check out her links:

I would love if you could leave a comment and like this post because I worked very hard to get it up for you guys!

  1. @hayaisreading

13479319_1744717072413681_939866553_n.png  She is one of the nicest people I have ever talked to and when I asked her for her advice she kindly said:

„Mmm my advice would be… Don’t you ever leash your imagination, always let it loose especially when you’re taking pictures.”

You can clearly see her imagination in her ABSOLUTELY STUNNING and creative pictures! She takes the most amazing pics!






  2. @_myfictinalworld



I love Gabby’s account and it had been one of the first accounts I ever followed on bookstagram. When she followed me back, I screamed of happiness.

„My advice would be to keep at it every single day even when it becomes exhausting or difficult to post everyday because it eventually pays off. Try to take as HD pics as you possibly can.”

Thank you so much for your awesome advice, Gabby!





3. @booklover_221b



Kori’s feed is absolutely stunning, you should definetly check it out! She said:

„Hello! My advice would definetly be to be friendly. The bookstagram community is such a friendly place and you shouldn’t be afraid to talk (comment) to all of them. Follow people, host events togheter, answer comments and just have fun with it. It’s always awesome to be able to tell people you have friends around the world.”

I think what Kori said is something really important and I love how this community is so open and friendly!




4. @maielqady

13473825_1744720692413319_980955418_nMai’s account is one of my favourite accounts ever so I had to ask her more than just advice on bookstagram. I also asked her about how she stays motivated and inspired. Thank you so much, Mai!

„-First take photos in the sunlight for good lighting and a soft nice effect for the photo.

-Editing, don’t overdo it.

-Make a posting schedule, on what, how often and when to post.

-Engage and talk with your followers.

-Make friends and enjoy commenting on their posts.

-Finally, don’t take bookstagram as a task, just enjoy reading and sharing your interests with others like yourself.”

„I think I stay inspired by reading, the more I read the more I find something to discuss and get ideas for pictures, and well getting new books as well.”

You need to check Mai’s bookstagram!

5. @myriadinklings


13457701_1744723959079659_1301684333_n.pngI am sure you know Jen’s account by now but if you don’t check it out!

„I like to stick to a certain theme for my photos, in my case it’s a light/pastel themes and try to take photos with that theme! I honestly just take photos whenever I want to now, if I’m lacking inspiration I take a break. That helps me charge up some energy to stay motivated to take more photos! I thinks breaks are vital for staying motivated, burn outs come easily if you force yourself to continuously post daily (or whatever time span). Hope that helps!”

It definetly helped Jen! Thank you a lot for these words!



6. @ursula_uriarte



Ursula’s account is another favourite account of mine because.. well.. just look at her feed. Also, she is a lovely person and it’s a pleasure to talk to her!

„My biggest tip would be to find the best light you can where you take pics, even the most beautiful set up can be ruined by bad light. Good natural light can make the simplest set look great 🙂 Two, this is gonna sound cliché but do your own thing. Don’t feel pressire to post what you think others may like or keep from posting because you think they may not. Post what makes you happy. And last but not least, interact. Bookstagram is about interaction. Comment on others’ photos and like others’ photos and in your photos comment back to people who talk to you or ask you questions. That’s the most fun part about the Bookstagram community 🙂 „

Thank you so much for taking your time and for writing about your advice. It’s definetly one of the best ones out there!

7. @_halfblOOdprincess

13510467_1746012878950767_1310538480_n.pngAgain, you definetly know Andie’s account because she puts so much effort into her pictures!

„For the photography aspect of Instagram, natural light is key in my opinion. Find a spot where you get the best lighting and play around with the timing- morning, afternoon, evening. Find which look you prefer, are you going for warmth or bright and clean? Play around with styling your photos until you find what works for you. My editing process is super simple… A5 set at level 3 or E6 set at level 3 in VSCO cam.

Now on to the social game. Make sure to take the time to respond to most if not all of your comments. Don’t just „like” other people’s posts, comment on them. Interacting with others is the gateaway to forming relationships based on mutual interests and really that’s the best part about the Bookstagram community. And most important, just be yourself!”


8. @bookotter


Liza’s account is one of the most original ones out there and she deserves waaaay many followers! Take a few minutes to look through her pictures and check out the amazing props that she uses!

„There aren’t really any rules to have a bookstagram account but I do have an amazing app, people will like Pixlr and its brightening brush a lot I think. You can make a picture a lot brighter with it, for me with my white table it’s a real life saver. More advice: post whatever you want.”

Also, because she has such unique and artsy pics I asked her how does she stay inspired.

„I don’t really know how I stay inspired, I think because of this lovely community and mutuals. I also like to daydream about making new photos and when I get a good idea I have to write it down or else I’ll forget it. (very important!!) I also get inspired by the props I buy, I love fake/real  flowers a lot as you might have noticed! And then I make different kinds of photos of the ideas I had in mind and then select the composition I like the most. Also, I love it when props match the cover of a book.”


9. @dymarthereader

13570195_1749774855241236_1532702315_oDymar’s account is kind of similar to Liza’s because of the many props. I love love love this account and you should definetly check it out!!

„Use a decent camera and take pictures with natural lighting because it produces good-quality photos and tends to attract more people. After all instagram is a platform mainly for photos. Be creative and don’t be afraid to try new things for your account. Experiment with themes and filters. Just enjoy what you do and be nice to everyone!”

Check this account out and if you go down a bit you will find an old theme that I loved! This theme though is far more creative in my opinon and it’s amazing!



10. @lannistersbooks

13555872_1749776681907720_1772219110_o.pngWhere am I supposed to start here? Thomai’s account is amazing, her pics are amazing and she is amazing and nice and awesome. She gave us only a few words of advice but, you know, quality beats quantity.

„Be patient and work hard.”








11. @fictionandfae

13588705_1749777351907653_413747956_oI love Ella’s minimalistic feed and I was so happy when she answered my DM and gave me some advice for this post!

„Photography and instagramming is just something I enjoy and love doing! I like having an audience that appreciates the things I do and the photos I take, even if it’s over the internet. I’d suggest that you need to make sure it’s something you have time to do and not to be afraid to ask other people for help.”






12. @hayleelikesbooks

13556007_1749778228574232_921560034_o.pngNow, Haylee doesn’t have like 20k followers or something but her feed is amazing and I had to include her here.

„I guess I would say to just do it because you wanna do it. Like don’t worry about followers or feel like you have to upload something every day, it should be an enjoyable thing, so just have fun with it and be creative and talk to people.”

Thank you so much, Haylee!






13. @weereader

13555712_1749778945240827_412790486_oChristine is such a lovely person! I have not talked to her a lot but I can tell she is very nice and kind. She took her time to write the advice that I am going to tell you so please, if you have not, take time to look through her perfect feed.

„Be yourself! Post what you love and don’t worry about what everyone else will think. If you enjoy what you are posting you are bound to attract others with similar tastes. Reach out and communicate with others! Don’t be shy about messaging people or commenting on their pictures, most people love to chat and it’s great to meet new people. If they don’t reply then it’s their loss, not yours! Don’t worry about gaining followers! I know it’s hard not to keep checking your numbers, but try to focus on having fun and meeting new people. Growth takes time, so there’s no point in worring about it!”

I love all of the advice that Christine gave and I love love love her account, as I said above. I really wish we could talk more and maybe be friends!

That’s it, guys! It took me a month to write this post, to figure out what to ask, to put everything in order etc. Again, I really would appreciate if you could leave some feedback in the comments because I worked really really really hard on this.

Until next time!



6 comentarii

  1. What a great post! I can tell you worked very hard on it and your question was very good! These are all great accounts and I love how everyone supports each other. Thank you for taking the time to create this post!


  2. Awesome entry! Thanks for sharing tips from fellow bookstagrammers ☺️

    And for sharing accounts with us whom some I didn’t even know!

    From what I got from all of them is to essentially have fun! And have good lighting such as natural light 😀


  3. THIS WAS JUST EVERY THING. It takes a lot of time to do something like this and I must really appreciate your patience for this, Alex! And I know right. These guys are MAGICIANS. Like, how do they even do it? *magic is real* 😂❤


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