First look at Nerdygrldesigns

Hello bibliophiles!

First of all I am going to do a little storytime. Back in May or June I won my first giveaway which was a giveaway by Nerdygrldesigns, the prize being some amazing magnetic Harry Potter bookmarks. I talked to Melisa on DM saying how glad I was that I won such stunning bookmarks when, guess what?! She asked me if I would like to rep for her!!!

Now, I have never been a rep before but I knew when I looked at those bookmarks that I had many ideas on how to capture the beauty of them, so I said yes. She sent me the first package and it didn’t arrive so we decided to try again with tracking. We waited for 2 weeks and last Friday when I was on holiday in Greece, Melisa let me know that USPS said it arrived where I live on the 28th. I went yesterday VERY EXCITED to pick them up from the post but, guess what?! It was not the package I expected. It was „Our Demons, Best Friends” by Diana T. Scott, which she sent me a review copy (stay tuned for a review!!).  Of course I was over the moon to get my first real review copy (thank you so much Diana!) but I was also very very sad because the bookmarks were not here. I contacted Melisa and told her the bad news and we realized it was the second package that didn’t arrive. That was on the 4th of July so she couldn’t contact USPS because, you know, 4th of July. She was going to call USPS today and, what happened?! It’s 10:42am here and my mom said a package was at the door. I guess you can tell what that was since I am writing to you now. I am amazed with the quality of the bookmarks! I ran to my backyard and quickly took some photos. Sorry if these are not the best pics in the world but I am too excited to take some. I promise you tons of amazing pics will come!


Harry Potter magnetic bookmarks!

Look how cute Ron is! I am obsessed!

Original Princesses!

These are my favourite bookmarks of all times! I am over the moon right now!

Some Superheroes!


Cuteness overload

I actually don’t have the owl bookmark anymore because my little sister fell in love with it when she saw it and I couldn’t do anything to get it back…..

Alice in Wonderland


Alice in Wonderland

So I kept the best for the end. You all know my obsession with ACOTAR&ACOMAF, right? Well…

A Court of Thorns and Roses bookmarks
A Court of Mist and Fury bookmarks

Yes, I realize that I forgot to photograph the quotes of the ACOMAF bookmarks and I photographed just one part but I was to excited to figure that out when I took the photo.


She also added some stickers which I am so excited about but you only get a small look at the stickers, you have to go on Melisa’s etsy store (all of the links will be at the end) to see all of them!

This is an overall look:


I am still shocked that I get to work with such an amazing store and with such a nice owner. Thank you for everything, Melisa! And I cannot wait for future packages!

Link for Nerdygrldesigns!


Etsy store:

Talk to you soon!



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