A New Start


I have not been commited to my blog lately so I decided to try something new.

Nikki, one of my best bookstagram friends, has a blog too ( https://talesofabiblio.wordpress.com/ ) and she has these really interesting categories for each *amazing* post. I asked her if I could use her idea and give her full credit for it, of course, and she said yes. Go check her out because she is awesome!

So, I would like to show you and explain to you what each of these categories mean.

Wrapping It Up! – This is where you will find my monthly reflections, meaning my wrap up, haul and favourites.

Everlasting hauls- I know I said I would put my hauls in my „Wrapping It Up” posts but I decided to create this category as well for special occasions. A few examples: my birthday book haul, Christmas book haul, London book haul etc. I hope you get the hang of it!

Chatting with a Slytherin- This is the category I want to give Nikki full credits. Hers is „Tea Time with a Ravenclaw” and she uses it for tags, discussions, advice etc. and I found this idea so nice I wanted to use it in my own style. Since I talk a lot I decided to call it „Chatting with a Slytherin”. Again, Nikki created this category because she is the most creative person in the world.

Wanderlust with Ale- This is a category I created. I will use this for my travelling posts which I do want to have here on my blog.

Also, my new banner is made by, again, the very created Nikki. She is the editing queen.

That’s it! I wrote this quick little post so you won’t get confused about my posts’ titles.

I have some exciting posts planned so stay tunned!





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