Bookish Recommendations: Subscription Boxes

Hello everyone!

Today I want to talk about bookish subscription boxes. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a box that you receive every month (or once every two months) that contains a book and/or bookish items like fandom candles, jewelry, bookmarks, mugs, totes etc. I have seen many subscription boxes throughout my bookstagramming year and I want to recommend you some of my favourite ones that not everyone knows about. Of course there are the most popular ones out there, Owlcrate and Fairyloot, but I am going to be talking about some other cool ones. Keep reading!

  • Once Upon a Book Club

Once Upon a Book Club is a really unique monthly book subscription box that comes with a book and some wrapped gifts. Each of the gifts has a page number on it (ex: page 49) and you open it when you reach page 49 of the book they gave you that month. The gift will be something from the book. For example, if the main character talks about this nice tote bag that she has on page 49, you might receive it. I think it’s one of the most original subscription boxes out there that makes your reading experience ten times better. I recommend it with all of my heart. You can find their website here.

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photo by @novelpairing on instagram
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photo by @caseyrosereads on instagram



  •  Book Boyfriend Box

I dare you to go and find someone who doesn’t like the concept of this box. I dare you to go and find someone who wouldn’t like to receive a box featuring one book boyfriend each month. Yeah, that’s right. You can’t. This is such an awesome idea for a subscription box, isn’t it? Once I saw their past boxes I was SOLD. My friend Georgia used to rep for them and she said she really liked the box a lot. You can find their website here. I also want to show you one of their past boxes. The photo is by @deertales on instagram. The photo bellow contains all the items from their October box which was themed around Rhysand from ACOMAF.


  • Wonder Girl Box



„Wonder Girl Box is a monthly book club that empowers and celebrates girls. Each Wonder Girl Box gives money to organizations that are working with girls and women around the world.”  ( )

Now, tell me that is not one of the best ideas for a subscription box. It’s fun, you get awesome stuff, but in the same time you help empowering girls and women around the whole world. I think it’s the most special bookish subscription box out there, if you ask me. Here’s how one of their boxes looks:


It’s so pretty, isn’t it? Here’s more info about them and one of the amazing founders:

  • The Travelling Reader/ Fernweh Fiction

The Travelling Reader/ Fernweh Fiction is a bookish subscription box that was started because of their love for travelling. As a lover of travelling myself, I find this a really unique and lovely subscription box. I cannot show you a picture of one of their past boxes, but I can give you the link to one ( ). They have underrated/ unknown books in their boxes so that’s a huge plus: you get something you might not know about and you simply read it.

If you search each one on Instagram you will easily find all the details you need.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and that it was helpful to you.

P.S If you want me to, I can do a part two.







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