Review Policy

I am very glad and happy that you want me to review your book!

I am interested in getting out of my comfort zone so I review books from every genre though right now I am mostly interested in any Young Adult book, especially:

1. Contemporary

2. Retellings

3. Magical Realism

4. Historical Fiction

5. Dystopia

6. Fantasy

7. Romance

As I said above, anything Young Adult.


As this is my personal blog, I am going to give 100% honest reviews so I cannot guarantee that my review will always be positive, though I usually try to find the best in every book. What I can guarantee is that I will always be respectful and I will surely don’t intend on bashing. You can message me on my instagram, which is @letsrunawaytobooks, or on my email which is .

My reviews consist of:

A photo which I took of the book

Some information like the number of pages, the author, the publisher, the date which it was published/it will be published, whether I bought it or received it in exchange for an honest review

Synopsis found from the back of the book or the Goodreads description

Spoiler free: what I loved about the book (up to 5 things), if there was anything that I had a problem with, my rating which I am going to talk about bellow.

My rating:

I use star ratings, from 1 to 5.

1: (As I never gave a book one star, I don’t think this is possible) This means that this book was something I personally didn’t enjoy and I found not my style.

2: A book which I didn’t enjoy but I still finished.

3: A book which was not bad, but not amazing. I liked some aspects about it and disliked some.

4: A book which I enjoyed and I would recommend.

5: One of my favourite books which I learned a lot from and I loved. Something I would definelty remember (and my followers too, since I would post about it very often on my bookstagram).

I would like to thank you again for being interested in me reviewing your book!